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  • @hcfaustralia; It pays to be with you, even though I pay every month I've just come out of Hospital recently, but you covered it all #TY
  • Hi HCF Maybe posting on a public domain will get your attention. I've called 4 times in the last three weeks in relation to a complaint I lodged on 29 May 2015. My complaint was about the misrepresentation by the HCF Dental Centre Reception on George Street Sydney and the dentist himself in ...
  • The link in your fit and well mag to win the Westfield $1000 gift card doesn't seem to work.???? Well, not for me anyway. Have you had anyone else with this problem?
  • Why do people bother joining health funds.I have been in one for years. I dropped hospital cover because I found the public system better and free.Now I find out that they have dropped a lot of cover on the extras cover.They used to cover Orthodics and repair of now, they don't cover repair ...
  • Absolute disgraceful company, the communication is a joke and changing people's policy's without their approval leaving them uncovered is just wrong, I will be taking legal advice, in regards to this and the thousands of $$$ I have paid to you for 5years. You can contact me anytime
  • Can you please explain why, even though I have been paying nearly $300 per month to you since 2011, I have today rang up about a specific cover to be told your policy's changed last year and we are no longer covered, you cannot even tell us how we were notified and it certainly was not approved ...
  • Absolutely shocking service at your North Sydney location. Only one person there at lunch time and he's been sitting with the same person for 30mins even though she has made it pretty clear that she doesn't want to commit to joint HCF today. Think it's time you move on buddy and serve someone ...
  • @hcfaustralia you might like to know that contact us forms fail on iPad because it fails to load Capcha. Can't submit form. #helpful
  • I switched my health insurance to take advantage of your voucher offer and still haven't heard back from anyone, despite emailing your client services.
  • Pretty upset that at my chiropractor which I have never done for years .... I now have to pay so much extra upfront and wait for 2 days for my money or go all the way to HCF to claim <a class="tweet-url hashtag" href="https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23talk" title="#talk">#talk</a> about going ...
  • Why can't HCF introduce Hicaps it is such a frustration and there are so many health funds out there that offer it. A real let down
  • Really disappointed with your app, previously tried to send a photo claim through on my bigpond email, was told my email not compatible with claim app, so this time used my gmail email, same thing, need to make the app compatible with all email providers....snail mail it has to be...
  • I would like to acknowledge a staff member by the name of Alex in the Melbourne branch who processed my claim super efficiently, he made contact with my provider and got all the documents required for processing the claim. Thanks for the professional service, really appreciate!!
  • After spending 30 mins on hold waiting to speak to someone about the direct debt taken out of my account after I changed away from you 24 days prior. Now I have overdrawn fees as well. I feel this is very poor customer service.
  • Shame on you HCF. Giving out personal details of our own personal account to somebody who is not on the account or been made a contact authorised by us. For over 10 years we have been loyal members and paid a substantial amount of money to this health fund and this is the treatment. Expect a ...
  • Think very hard and explore all of your options people before choosing HCF for you health cover people!. Back on May the 21st, I wrote a post on this page regarding a claim made through HCF's new mobile claim app and how the handling off that claim had been a complete failure on the part of HCF, ...
  • Thanks HCF for the follow up today. Much appreciated.
  • Real <a class="tweet-url hashtag" href="https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23problems" title="#problems">#problems</a> with your app <a class="tweet-url hashtag" href="https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23HCF" title="#HCF">#HCF</a>. Submitted claim twice and rang twice. First phone consultant ...
  • HCF I just cancelled our family policy with you. Sadly (for you) there was absolutely zero upsell from the call centre consultant and she didn't even bother asking why we were cancelling our policy! Your loss I a afraid. We are off to sign up with Bupa.