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  • I have been a customer with hcf for 8 years and decided to try a different health fund, i then decided that the membership being offered was not suitable and tried to come back with hcf within 30 days and after speaking with a manager kaden he was extremely arrogant and unlrofessional and told ...
  • Appalling service from HCF! Even when you follow all their stupid requirements before your baby is born, their bureaucratic system will screw you over ... I called two months before my baby was born, they sent me a letter after his birth to tell me that the hospital was paid a fee for the ...
  • I'm absolutely disgusted in HCF We have held family cover since 2002. After a separation a few years ago - my ex told my daughter she would remain on his sole parent policy. I continued on as a single person as did my 25 year old son. Well, last week I called HCF to discover that her "father" ...
  • @hcfaustralia no reward for decades of loyalty paying ever rising subscriptions, all going to investors whilst services are reduced. Rort
  • @hcfaustralia I paid insurance for my family for years. When it came time to claim at a crucial time in our lives, we were turned away.
  • 15 minutes on hold waiting to speak to customer service, but yet the current wait time on the web site stated 3 minutes? Whilst on hold the voice recording suggests to check this before calling, check it again while waiting now the wait states 2 minutes! After 18 minutes of waiting I gave up. ...
  • Despite numerous complaints and cancelling my policy months ago due to poor service, I still am having premiums deducted from my account. The matter has now been referred to the Ombudsman and The Officer Fair Trading for investigation.
  • I went with HCF because they covered Gastric surgery. I've been with them for 3 years and when I enquired about future claims for gastric surgery I was bluntly told its not covered. I hadn't been notified of this change. They will not budge. Where do I stand on this issue? It's disgraceful.
  • Hey HCF, I've had a policy with you guys for over 6 years. I enquired to update my policy to your new 'gold' extras policy but in doing so I would just about halve my benefits because I will be lumped in with the rest of the Year 1 health insurance jumpers instead of maintaining, according to ...
  • Your website is terrible and is not accessible to those using Apple products, neither Safari on Mac or Iphone/Ipad will allow me to view your products, as such I am unable to choose your company
  • After almost 20 years of health insurance with HCF I still know I'm with the best health insurer. We had an issue, pretty distressing one, so we contacted them & within 2 days we have a resolution from the regional manager & the lovely Lauren. Thank u guys. I'm glad I didn't jump ship. Hoping to ...
  • @hcfaustralia it's bait & trap; You keep increasing fees & reducing services each year in order to pay share holders & executive salaries $$
  • Hi HCF. Thanks for the support liking my page Bondi Acupuncture Sydney !
  • WARNING: Please be VERY careful when making a verbal contract to join this health insurance company. I made it very clear I wanted top hospital cover and was asked if I needed a few different services that they could list as restricted and they highly recommended that I have those particular ...
  • Hi Team, I've been getting the same (14 day) cover letter in the mail every day (mon-sat) for the last 4ish weeks, and this week it appears to be increasing to 3 on Monday, 2 today (Tuesday) (1x per day last week). I have already contacted support (before today) and been told it will be ...
  • This idea of deploying a staff member to greet and sort people at the door is dumb- 7 people waiting and this staff member has been leaning against the desk looking like she is more bored than humanly possible for more than 10 mins- waiting to add someone else to the queue!
  • Hello I submitted an invoice for rebate last Wednesday. As it had not appeared in my bank account on Monday, I called to enquire why it had not appeared after three business days. I was informed that there was a backlog from claims submitted via the app and it should appear in my account within ...