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  • @hcfaustralia how long does it generally take to process your mobile claim? Growing greys here...
  • Your lack of staff training is appalling! I have been told on numerous occasions that staff will be better trained re a particular issue I keep having but no, that never happens. Someone answering the phone who isn't rude and incompetent would be a nice for a change HCF.
  • Just wondering when the HFC fun machine gift cards will come out as it has been over 2 months now since I have switched from my parents cover to my own. I emailed the respective email address at 4pm yesterday and still haven't heard back. Thanks.
  • @hcfaustralia Thank you thank you thank you for new app allowing claims using smart phone.Such a time saver all 'round, can't wait to use it
  • @hcfaustralia - Disappointing service! Your hours are 8am-8pm - called at 7.54pm & IVR told me to call back Between 8am-8pm! #custexp #HCF
  • How long does it take to process a claim?!?!? HCF should warn future members that they are the slowest health insurance company ever to process a claim!!!!!! I have submitted a claim on 30th July and STILL waiting!!!!! What a joke! I called up last Friday and they said it should be processed ...
  • Would like to express my disappointment with HCF for taking Phillip Devitt (dentist Bowral ) OFF the HICAPS More for Members Program. Found him to be an honest, hardworking professional. Hope HCF will review their decision.
  • where is my money you unlawfully deducted from my credit account. Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @hcfaustralia my first dealing with your Chadstone Kiosk today at 1:30pm very helpful, very impressed with the service I got from the girl.
  • I'm newly self employed (17 months) and need to make a claim for income protection insurance for a few weeks or months. I have called HCF to ask what proof of income I need to provide but got absolutely no answers. The operator actually offered to post me info about the policy instead and just ...
  • Thanks HCF for false advising customers about refunds. "Up to 14 days to appear in your account" apparently really means over 20 days and only after a customer chases it up for the third time. Still waiting....
  • Will a director please contact me. I am being refused chemo on Monday as bills from March and June chemo still has not been paid. I cannot get anyone to assist me. I am on an overseas visitors policy. I have phoned and phoned and left messages for managers, team leaders etc and NO ONE IS ...
  • @hcfaustralia @ahmservice When you tell me something will take 2 weeks and it's still not done 6 weeks later, I make assumptions :)
  • Amazing service provided by Jeff when I called to decrease my health cover. Am so glad i was able to pass on how impressed I was with his service to the supervisor on duty, Elliot. Thank you
  • Customer Service fail HCF....3 weeks and counting whilst I await a response from your 'customer service' representative in Melbourne. Not at all happy with how I was treated at the time and now it appears my best option is to contact the Ombudsman...I shouldn't have to escalate my issue to get ...
  • Your customer service over the phone is appalling - rude and repeatedly incompetent. Your call centre managers are even worse. I cannot understand why a simple request (acknowledged as "simple" by every supervisor at HCF I've ever dealt with) is continuously stuffed up by your useless and rude ...
  • Wow! Even more useless than I first thought! And rude! I'll be making my claim that I'm owed and then I will be withdrawing my membership from Hcf
  • So unhappy with your app. I accidentally didn't put the capital letter in my password so now I've been locked out for AN HOUR! Do you have any idea how inconvenient an hour is when I'm trying to complete a task that will only take 5 minutes?? The app is supposed to make it easier to do things ...
  • In went into my local HCF office today to claim some health dollars, as instructed by the call centre. Received really poor service (from the only person I saw in the office). Went home and called to make a complaint and was told a complaint about the office should be made to the manager of that ...
  • My mother needs a denture which will cost well over $1400 and you only cover for $350. She has been with Manchester Unity and now HCF for over 30 years. What a joke, how about we get you guys do the denture $350 seeing that's what you think it's worth.