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  • Please check your policy if you have been with HCF for years like i have - you are probably not covered for the things you need now or where this time last year - and be very very wary with their admin when cancelling your policy they give you the run around and i have never experienced such ...
  • C'mon guys this is 2015. I just called as I want to put in a claim and use my health dollars - I was told that I cannot use your app to do this and I have to send it snail mail. What the? A claim is a claim is it now?
  • Guys you said on Friday morning I would have my clearance certificate from you in my inbox with 24hrs - I still haven't received it????
  • Possibly the worst, most incompetent company I've ever dealt with. Rude staff, ridiculous hold times for general enquiries (21 minutes on hold!) and you always manage to 'lose' things in the mail, and conveniently don't have online or over the phone options for policy amendments. After years of ...
  • @hcfaustralia Thankyou HCF for wonderful support & care of our family. Always here for us no matter what. No stressful surprises Grateful.
  • Would not recommend to anyone. This provider does not support there loyal customers. We had a 4 plus week prem baby that needed and ambulance and HCF in there fine fine print say you need to inform them 2 month before the baby is born to have them on the policy. Almost all other health ...
  • I can't understand why you pulled $531 from my credit card when my plan is only $295. You'd better have a bloody good reason for this...
  • @hcfaustralia I live in Perth - no branches. I emailed last week. No response. I called when web said wait was 5 mins. Hung up at 20. ???
  • You pay HCF the top pregnancy cover money can buy and then you find out a few weeks before baby is due that baby is not covered on your policy and you must add them 2 months before birth. Soooo frustrating and bad service. Not a happy customer.
  • @hcfaustralia why do you discriminate against members who choose to be fitted with hearing aids by audiometrists. BUPA doesn't !
  • It would appear that if you have a hearing impairment then HCF is not the fund for you ! The will not pay on hearing aid fittings made by Audiometrists! BUPA does ! The government allows Audiometrists to fit hearing aids to pensioners, why the discrimination HCF ?
  • Just make sure you read the fine print. They don't pay unless they really have to.
  • @hcfaustralia wife broke 3/4 of a tooth HCF classify as a filling pay $120 of $420 $$$$ in premiums - What a joke #badservice #donotjoin
  • @hcfaustralia Trying to claim on the app & it doesn't work. When i go to take photo it stays black. Uninstalled & tried again.....#help
  • HCF, Don't Join they changed my policy so now it does not cover my operation back in July last year, I missed the notification, they where willing to waive waiting period then but not know, what the difference HCF loyal customer still paying premiums!!! whats the difference waiving waiting ...
  • The HCF app claims process = Brilliant! Thank you ????
  • Thanks HCF. You took our premiums for years and now won't pay as my wife isn't Australian. You knew this and took the money. <a class="tweet-url hashtag" href="https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23unethical" title="#unethical">#unethical</a>
  • Hi there, am looking for answers as to why my hubby had an operation in March last year and to date the provider has not been paid for his services. It seems both myself and the provider are being fobbed off with excuses as to why the claim cannot be paid out. I am concerned that in the future ...
  • Dear HCF, I have been a customer for the last 3 years and pay a substantial premium for your service for myself and my partner. We submitted a claim for her wisdom teeth extraction in October last year. The staff member charged with processing this very simple claim, that is, that her wisdom ...