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  • Wow! Even more useless than I first thought! And rude! I'll be making my claim that I'm owed and then I will be withdrawing my membership from Hcf
  • So unhappy with your app. I accidentally didn't put the capital letter in my password so now I've been locked out for AN HOUR! Do you have any idea how inconvenient an hour is when I'm trying to complete a task that will only take 5 minutes?? The app is supposed to make it easier to do things ...
  • In went into my local HCF office today to claim some health dollars, as instructed by the call centre. Received really poor service (from the only person I saw in the office). Went home and called to make a complaint and was told a complaint about the office should be made to the manager of that ...
  • My mother needs a denture which will cost well over $1400 and you only cover for $350. She has been with Manchester Unity and now HCF for over 30 years. What a joke, how about we get you guys do the denture $350 seeing that's what you think it's worth.
  • I'm still disappointed, your app crashes out, there is no fax in service available, snail mail is unreliable at times... So I have no choice but to catch the train into the city to get a refund done as there is no rural service or any branch west of Collins Street in Melbourne... I hope for this ...
  • Dear HCF, Do you not allow people to review your business via Facebook because you are concerned about just how many disgruntled customers you might actually have out there? I am running out of pages in my notebook after writing down each person I have spoken to and what they had to say in ...
  • @hcfaustralia So basically my account is secured by guessable questions rather than a strong password? Anyone can reset my password now.
  • Not impress with the phone service - called twice and waited 10 mins each time only for my call to be cancelled ... is this the HCF difference ? Customer's call to be neglected ?
  • You have an add on no out of pocket expenses on dental.I have rung three of your providers and none of them have a no gap except on a clean and they still only cover one fluoride treatment a year.How do you come up with a no gap policy.It is either false advertising or your providers are a rip ...
  • How do I cancel? I call to cancel only to be told you will call me back but never get a call back. I get that you don't want me to leave but this is seriously annoying.
  • AVOID HCF at all costs. Will rape and pillage you and deny every single claim you submit. They are deceptive and underhanded at every turn.
  • @hcfaustralia 20% price hike in health care costs in only 14 months. Gouging much?? Will be shopping around.
  • I have been a customer for almost 20 yrs. I am came into your office to add in my youngest son, a local adoption 18 Mar this year and made sure that he would not be subject to any waiting periods which you assured me he wasn’t as long as I was entitled to the benefit. Today I am getting the run ...
  • @hcfaustralia @boredpostdoc HCF is the only one who takes so long that's all I'm waiting on as well. #pathetic their claim system is a joke
  • It is entirely unacceptable that I should have to wait over a week to receive important tax documents to lodge my tax return. Why is it that most other insurance companies seem to be able to provide the details almost instantly? If you're looking for simple customer irritants to fix, that would ...
  • Interesting experience presented hcf card at ortho to sought out payment on daughters braces. Rejected, told you guys always reject on this number despite being official item number from all orthodontists. Not impressed or happy! Won't be winning my vote for health care fund of the year!
  • Epic fail . Disappointing non existent care/concern/customer focus for health "care" for which I am paying a premium. Would have been better off putting money into savings account. Lame customer service.
  • I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Jennifer at your Penrith plaza branch . Jennifer was so helpful and so polite !
  • @hcfaustralia I have more than 5 times the needed amount in my account and I got a 'debit declined' on first payment. Not a good start
  • Very disappointed in your attitude. You declined a rebate for a 10yr old because we have allowed her time to grow and heal. You seem to think these arent people but numbers. I rang your ABM department and the attitude seems to be that allowing patients to heal is wrong, telling me to write a ...