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  • Really disappointed with HCF. Have tried to get my membership information sent to a new provider, which was first requested on 17th March. I have called 3 seperate times and was today assured it would be in my personal email once I got off the phone. I am still yet to recieve it and today had to ...
  • I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years, paying my hospital premiums on time without using any of your services. I now need Knee replacements and have to wait for 12 months. There is no rewards for loyalty.
  • @hcfaustralia I'll take your avoidance of acknowledging the points I've made to be facts then.
  • I'm very disappointed that i have now contacted HCF 3 times to cancel my health insurance and regardless of my initial request money was still taken out of my account this month. I was assured it was all solved yesterday and have yet again not had any form emailed to be regardless of asking 3 ...
  • @hcfaustralia Some of your products have already increased by more than 14%, this is more than double the published 6.57% average increase.
  • Not happy with your photo claim app, kept rejecting my claim,tried multiple times, had to send a pharmaceutical receipt by post with a claim form with no option for pharmaceuticals, just hope it is ok, had issues with staff telling me conflicting information over Friday Saturday and Sunday and ...
  • Not happy. 17 minutes wait time on phone after already being on hold 5 minutes. Email link passwords arent working in any configuration.
  • @hcfaustralia i called 131334 - waste of time because person did not know anything. What number should I call and who do I ask for. 1/
  • @hcfaustralia enough second package too much. You are forcing me to buy what I do not want/need or putting me at risk. Not acceptable
  • @hcfaustralia what is to talk through? Your packages are too restrictive. You offer A&B or A&B&C&D&E&F but I want A&B&C first package not
  • @hcfaustralia gave you a call. help was hopeless - did not know what was covered by what. And your website is user unfriendly.
  • I don't appreciate getting password protected statements via. I will not remember the password in a few months time! Not a smart move! I'd rather get it mailed to me via post!
  • @hcfaustralia my premiums are going up 11% in one year. More than quadruple inflation. Its cheaper to not have insurance at this rate...
  • @hcfaustralia ... then a few weeks later getting a curt form letter from HCF telling me that it's my problem that Medicare missed a form.
  • Never expected this to happen: rushed to get to HCF Pagewood; was relieved to see customers in front of me still entering through the sliding doors but those very same doors would not open for me? Why? Because it was 4.45 and despite me standing outside of the store full of customers and ...
  • I would just like to express how disappointed I am with HCF. I was with you for over 25 years and when it came to make a claim on my policy, you rejected it. I am so glad that I have moved funds and in the short time I have been with them, they have paid out more than I ever claimed from you! I ...