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  • I have only been with your comany 3 DAYS.......And already Im annoyed with you. Told to call and give account numbers. only take a couple of minutes. To be told I was being put on hold even when I said NO as I was on a mobile I was put on hold. $15 later. He keeps talking as Im trying to hang ...
  • Lumo energy is the worst energy provider I have ever dealt with. I would be very cautious if considering changing over to this utility provider.
  • @lumo_energy your invoice calc over the recent rate change is broken- I was dbl-charged for 12 days. Also your livechat staff aren't helpful
  • I rang u guys last wk to organize to pay off my power bill I thought it was all sorted but what do I receive today a letter saying u will cut us off I have a payment card I make payments every fortnight without fail please fix
  • I spent over 40 minutes this on hold to speak to someone only to finally be told there is nothing he can do because the computers are down, what type of company doesn't make a notice to listen to OR tell its customers the wait time. Funny for a company that claims its great customer service. I ...
  • Was just hung up on while trying to resolve why our power hasn't been connected. Not impressed
  • Since I switched to Lumo 100% Green Energy I've never looked back. Personal budget wise they are the best deal around. It began with the fact that I have Centrelink send thirty dollars of my pension to Lumo every fortnight. On top of that, if a Lumo bill is payed before the due date, they have ...
  • All I'm seeing from you guys is a copy and paste on every single response. The only thing that changes is the person's name! Way to make us feel like a number. You can't even take the time to personalise a response...
  • Lumo Energy, what do I have to do to get you to send me a bill? Time and time again, your boffins call me to tell me there's a problem with my account (which is because YOUR system screwed up my meter readings). We go through the process of me physically taking the readings, them saying it has ...
  • Hi, Id like to request that someone contact me in regards to my electricity account, A MANAGER PREFERABLY, because I am quite unimpressed - I have yet to receive my 2nd bill which was due in June. I dont want to cop a massive bill in September because it was more convenient for you to put the ...
  • Not impressed lumo energy, I have been a customer for 12 months and today experienced the worst possible customer experience. I called and set a new electricity account at the start of the week, the date for connection was today 18/07/14. My family and I arrive tonight to move in and power is ...
  • @lumo_energy Digraceful service from your call centre today. How is it you can sign up people with no english, but can't help them later?
  • You service is appalling. 2nd day without power and highly unlikely it will be connected before 9pm tonight. Will not be recommending you and will not be be signing anything. Useless.
  • How does one send a bill when our supplier is Energy Australia? Scam much? This is going straight to the ombudsman.
  • Dear Lumo, After spending countless hours on the phone with your seemingly incompetent staff, I have had to resort to Facebook to try and resolve my issue. I am disgusted at the absolute lack of customer service, and professionalism of your company – it is an embarrassment. I have tried, like ...
  • I'm currently on the phone with a representative of Lumo energy who has placed me on hold. I've been on hold for approximately 8 minutes now and am continuing to cop a dial tone to the ear. I'm assuming this is because the rep is struggling to figure out how to take me off hold. Despite this, ...
  • @lumo_energy Hi haven't heard anything and it's been 5 days....Sent image to prove meter reading was incorrect.