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  • @lumo_energy can you organise for a gas reading you failed to do within a smaller time period than 10.5 hours on a workday? And wave the $9?
  • @lumo_energy $9 reading. 7.30am-9pm. I'm to leave a key or lose a day of work. to fix your mistake, AND i'm told i have no choice. wow.
  • We are two people in an apartment and are apparently using the same electricity as 3 x 6 person houses. We also (for an unknown reason) are being billed for three electricity meters. I have complained by phone 5 times (they just hang up when I refuse to pay for them correcting the ...
  • Disgusted feeling that lumo has taken advantage Im a single parent i live in a 3 bedroom house with 1 child and another single parent and her child so there are 2 adults and 2 children our first quarter bill $700 not a problem was within norms our second bill $2200 and nothing changed yet you ...
  • I cant believe your comapany ive beem charged 977 on my bill and i live in a 2 bedroom unit and u know what you guys didnt give me a valid response the ombudsman is working on u guys i cant believe what kind of people you have working they cannot understand a word we say
  • Hi, I received two bills, one to be paid by the 18/08/2014 and a second one came today to be paid for by 15/096/2014? Why?!!! I have rang thru you call call centre, but she placed me on hold to figure out what's wrong with my account. I am currently at work. Can you call me?
  • Absolutely disgusted Lumo Energy!!! We are a working couple & only home at night & weekends & have been charged the equivalent of using the electricity of a 4/6 person home over the last few months. We are getting charged more in one month with Lumo than we were getting in a quarter with another ...
  • Does anyone else with Lumo on a direct debit get letters twice a week telling you that your payment is late? WHEN IT'S NOT? I think a small forest has been destroyed already with the amount of letters I've received. Is this just happening to me?
  • @lumo_energy six phone calls and four hours later. Been told I'm talking to a supervisor, then to fine out i am not!!
  • @lumo_energy after spending hours on phone with rude & unhelpful people. I will not be wasting my time with you anymore.
  • I'm genuinely amazed that your company is still running. I have dealt with your incompitency for 10 months. Disputing a bill that Lumo Energy have agreed is incorrect. 10 months of my life which has been stressful to say the least. I have spent $100+ on phone calls to you, lost god knows how ...
  • @lumo_energy thanks. I did that and have had no response. And this is the second stuff up on my account now after switching 6 months ago
  • @lumo_energy received my 1st bill. #shocked listed equiv to 4 adults. 2 adults. Unheated apt. Both full time workers. #doesntaddup #sad
  • @lumo_energy on hold forever. Ur double dipping on my invoices and charging me again for the same period +/_ 5 days.
  • Get a ph call from Lumo from a person who struggled with English advising me Lumo energy have important information for me and asking I call them back so they can discuss. After an argument I call back, wait on hold only to be asked am I happy with my service......... Why couldnt that be asked ...
  • i suggest that no one join lumo energy for any reason whatsoever. i moved from a place in Victoria to Adelaide on May 17. Prior to may 17 i rang up Lumo and asked for my gas connection to be cut off from May 19 (as this was the official moving in day of the next tenants). I thought nothing more ...
  • Your live chat on your website does not work, don't offer something you cant provide.
  • It's 8.31 Monday morning, been trying to phone you for 1/2 hour, 3 different numbers are not picking up, one of them still saying "We are closed" One number is "temporarily unavailable WTH Sort your phone system out please.
  • Yesterday I was shocked to receive a phone call from debt collectors acting on behalf of your company chasing me up for an unpaid bill. I have not lived at the address in question for two months and arranged to have power and gas disconnected and the contract terminated at this time. Further to ...
  • So after over an hour on the phone last week to two people, and being told that I was right, Lumo HAD overcharged us, you call my husband and tell him, no, you didn't. Thanks very much. Not only will the ombudsman be hearing about this, when I get out of hospital, I will no doubt have to step ...