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  • @lumo_energy Eventually but still won't have Power for 4 days by time it gets reconnected on Monday
  • @lumo_energy I've contacted your call centre twice in the last week yet today I get another letter saying stating otherwise. It's a joke.
  • @lumo_energy Did you know calling someone 4 times in a row is considered Harassment! I'm sure @acmadotgov will agree!!!
  • Hi Lumo! I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for shutting off my Gas today! Also, thank you for using an estimated gas usage amount, because the last time you had someone ACTUALLY read it, they left the gate open and a dog ran away (thank you for that too), so now they just skip our ...
  • You lot must be short on money. You've been stealing money from me for over a year on an over inflated bill I've been paying off now you want me to pay more each week. I don't think so. Who ever my wife and I spoke to on the phone (each time) was incredibly rude (Your credit department in ...
  • Firstly would like to start off with your company as being a very big dissapointment. You have beennover charging me from day one, your customer service team has done nothing but say that is the correct bill. I have come home today expecting an electricity bill and found another months gas bill. ...
  • I'm really tired of getting "your meter reader couldn't access your meter" notices. 1. My meter is located at the front of my house. There is no locked gate. 2. My meter doesn't get up and randomly move. Your meter reader clearly CBF'd checking my meter this month. 3. I work from home and ...
  • If people wanted to go thru you they would call not have door knockers who you can't understand rocking up annoying us and trying to sell a product i have with another supplier and am happy with. It should be against the law what you companies do.
  • @lumo_energy It's fine, I complained again & had the fee rightfully waived. It's the 3rd charge you've put onto me from Powercor, I'm done.
  • Worst customer service ever. I have been informing you since June that I have moved, and want to cancel my account. Your "customer service" reps tell me yes, the account is closed, but you keep sending me bills. Shame on you for this incompetence/fraud.
  • As if energy bills aren't hard enough for anyone on an aged pension, Lumo have now chosen to lump together gas & electricity on the one Bill!!!!!!!!! Their call centre for complaints has no idea what I'm talking about when I have been in contact. Now I need to swap to a supplier who offers more ...
  • How many times do we need to ring to say we haven't received a gas bill since moving in to our new property? Each time we have been told the bill has been issued but we still have to received one. Whilst this might sound good, in reality we are going to eventually receive one and I'm sure we'll ...
  • @lumo_energy I just received a phone call hassling me for paying a bill a day late. Just letting you know I'm looking for a new provider.
  • Worst customer service and overall experience I've ever dealt with.
  • Just want to know when will I receive my $50 refund that I overpaid on my account. I have been told by a few different people that you guys will refund the $50 (but havent) then was told you guys charge the extra $50 for extra fees, next person said the credit company charged an extra $50 (which ...
  • hi I am very disappointed with LUMO!! i specifically changed my plan to the advantage and suppose to get a competitive rate CLICK energy is providing!! My latest BILL is not showing the right rates and discount and i am sick of you guys not processing my offer as since day one, i seem to be ...
  • Called two months ago to arrange a service change of address as I moved. Received a bill from an unknown company today advising I owe for electricity charges. I contacted Lumo Energy to look into why the double up to be told my account had been closed. I have an automatic BPAY that deposits $25 ...
  • Seriously think you need to look at employing staff with an English speaking background for your English speaking customers. How hard is it for you to call the person you actually need to speak to. Oh and by the way, it's all in the hands of the ombudsman now so enjoy that too.
  • Hi, It's been about 4 weeks since you promised me whereby I am able to pay my bill in advance. I have not received my new account no as yet. I was told that this would be done soon, which was 2 weeks ago. Another 2 weeks have pass, but still no word or any notification. What's the delay?