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  • Avoid this company like a disease as it will spread fast with lies
  • Lumo, I'm not happy at all with how my last bill has been dealt with! First you send me an invoice that states "actual reading" that was over $1000 but when we checked the meter out selves u had overcharged us close to 900units, not a big deal we call up to get you to do a new reading and then 3 ...
  • Attention consumers if you do sign up to velocity program be aware to get the bonus sign up points may take up to 10 phone call and months to recieve big hassle.....they scammed me and im still waiting
  • @lumo_energy you waste 10 hrs of my time going through your bills, call me stupid then admit your system is broken. Compensation? $50 F U
  • very bad company do not listen and make arrangements without consent! if you are a family having trouble trying to pay your HUGE bill be very wary! i have just tried to set up an arrangement to pay off the bill, gave over card details to which he then said alright thank you and was just about to ...
  • @lumo_energy you've admitted your billing system doesn't work properly and wasted 10 hrs if my time. You're the new One Tel. #shame #telstra
  • Beware Consumers - the Velocity Bonus Points offered on sign-up don't get allocated like mine didn't - consider this offer before being stuck in a 24 months agreement and they will avoid doing it unless you fight them....
  • Hey Lumo, if your staff want to say rude things about your customers, tell them make sure all phones are disconnected first. I heard everything about how bad I was as a customer, good work.
  • Lumo Energy, you have called me and yet wanted me to verify my identity and personal details?
  • Wow. Just got a call from ARL (debt collectors) about an outstanding balance. Never received a phone call, letter or anything from Lumo asking about the outstanding balance just went straight to ARL. As far as I was aware I had completely paid the final balance after moving to a new power company.
  • Hi Lumo, I've been on the phone for the best part of an hour trying to figure out why my gas has been shut off. Turns out that the staff member who took my call when I moved house last march chose to put my old address as my mailing address instead of the two options I gave them. Now I am ...
  • I will make sure I will promote you supplier to be the worse ever to deal with. I will report to department of fair trade
  • Having a TERRIBLE experience with Lumo energy. Avoid at ALL costs. Call centres are in India. Poor customer service after over an hour on the phone and the issue is still unresolved. Think twice before joining Lumo Energy. AVOID AVOID AVOID
  • @lumo_energy 51 mins on the ph transf over & over with no assistance to fix prev home owner problem. How do you get any help? #frustrated
  • Well done Lumo Energy !!!!! Yesterday I receive my bill in the mail and surprise surpise you would think I had been supplying energy to a small country by the amount I was charged, but then boooom today I got a disconnection notice well done Lumo for giving me time to pay the bill. Its a shame ...
  • Everyone who is not happy with this company needs to go to the ombudsman, this company needs to be heavily investigated for charging excessive prices its basically stealing from its customers! When you ring to speak to them there are so rude and hang up on you APPALLING LUMO!!!! How can ...
  • Very unhappy customer !!! Will not be using or recommending lumo to anyone !!! The worst customer service!!!
  • How dare you deliver such bad service that you made my wife cry and now I have to deal with her depression because of you. We are already customers and all she was trying to do was to start a new get the power connected to a new property. She rang you guys Thursday Friday and now today twice ...