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  • @lumo_energy got an excessive $2331.17 electricity bill. might be coz you read meter as 69710 when it is 59710. hrm..
  • I have called you regarding my early bird discounts at the beginning of the month (the agreement was 22% on electricity). I have checked online and it has not been changed to this. This is the second issue we have had with your billing system! On top of this we have tried to contact you via your ...
  • My first full bill in new home approx $400 with AGL, switch to Lumo... next bill $1900! Switch back to AGL bills gone back to $400! Lumos response "we checked our billing is accurate you just used extra power!" That is the equivalent of 26 adults living in my house! They refusing to ...
  • Disappointing doesn't even start to explain the pathetic service that your company provides. My power was cut Friday when it was meant to be cut mid April. It was not reconnected as per advised, so on Saturday morning when there was still no power I was told I would incur a $500 reconnection fee ...
  • can you please stop with the door knockers. If people wanna go thru you they will call or do it online. It is annoying.
  • I am somewhat puzzled and concerned about the efficient management of this power company. Just recently I applied for, and had installed, a tariff 33 meter into my meter box. At the time, Lumo was contacted, (as per procedures), and relevant paper work was completed right through to final ...
  • Lumo Energy- Worst Service in the world!!!!!!!. Do yourself a favour and stay well clear of this very unprofessional company!
  • Good work... Your offices are open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday but I call at 7:40pm and you are closed..
  • I am sick to death of this. This past month of constant harassment from you/mostly the ARL (this wouldn't be happening if your staff didn't break promises and screw me... Welcome to look at the file) has been completely absurd. I was called again by the ARL over my very last bill with you guys ...
  • I went with your company for one quarter, you charged me double the price of what i was charged last year, plus charged disconnections fees ontop of it, never again
  • I've called you twice two send me a copy of the bill to my email and to the new address, its been a week and half and still nothing. i've had to reset my password twice for your online system and still cant log in. Your call centre service and online system is terrible, this is not good enough.
  • Dealing with your online chat is a joke! Seriously, sort it out!
  • After receiving two letters addressed to "The occupier" billing me for a a period where no electricity was used, as I hadn't even had the electricity connected with my company of choice, which certainly wasn't Lumo, no one was even living in the house, the real estate agent informed me there ...
  • Just wanted to thank your staff after I contacted you a couple of days ago. Quick reacting, kind and helpful !
  • Thanks Lumo energy for leaving me with no power for the past 2 nights, as a result I have lost a whole weeks worth of groceries and as a single mother of 3 kids must say job well done.. won't be recommending you to anyone
  • When's our power coming back on? Been out for over 4 hours now Vermont area.
  • Just received an electricity bill from lumo energy, interestingly, we are with red energy and red energy are the people that turned our electricity on, red energy are the ones with our details and concession info. So why is lumo disconnecting our power and sending us multiple bills addressed to ...