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  • Lumo Energy you fail big time! Cutting off the gas when the account was paid well and truly in advance and now because it is after 5pm you can't reconnect it! I have a young family who now will be inconvenienced due to your incompetence!! I guess it's not your problem, you still have your ...
  • Don't trust these people. What ever happened to customer service? I will never be back.
  • @lumo_energy After an accumulated 5 hrs on phone and 2 on live chat apparently not. Paid my bill. Got bank proof. Deemed unpaid and overdue.
  • @lumo_energy I wish you would at least have the courage to answer my querie about your reminder text I received< in TASMANIA, about my a/c.
  • @lumo_energy until you disconnect me. Than you can reimburse my credited account! Than @nsw_fairtrading will be getting a formal complaint!
  • @lumo_energy I've wasted enough time on the phone to you guys! @ewonsw Helped before for the same issue. This time I'm going to wait (1/2)
  • @lumo_energy Your customer service is beyond abysmal. 4 DAYS without gas connected and every time I call I have to explain the situation.
  • I just rang customer service because I was trying to register for My Account and an error message kept coming up saying ring customer service. When I rang, I found out from customer service that the website/webpage is down for maintenance. So, my suggestion/query is, could you not have stated ...
  • @lumo_energy seriously you have some unhelpful people in your call centre. Who should I call to actually achieve anything?
  • I need to talk to someone who I can understand and who listens to what I have to say not talk over me as if I am an Idiot I have messaged you with my phone No please someone who talks good English as my hearing is not as it was
  • @lumo_energy Eventually but still won't have Power for 4 days by time it gets reconnected on Monday
  • I have been having harassing phone calls from lumo, as we have changed electrical companies, I would really appreciate if it stopped. Thanks 14 phone calls in one day. Also would like the bills to stop as we have not been with lumo for over 1 month now.. Thank you from an very unhappy customer
  • Worst customer service ever, I have been calling lumo since a week for getting a new connection. Every time they have taken my details and have never called back, stating they are too busy to call back customers. Get your processes sorted out and be more customer focused. Very disappointed with ...
  • You know what Lumo, you had your chance, i contacted you to negotiate a new deal but no you wont do any negotiating without a contract. So I just happen to come across Alinta energy in my local shopping centre who were offering 20% with no contract. No contract? Hell yeah! We also compare their ...
  • @lumo_energy I've contacted your call centre twice in the last week yet today I get another letter saying stating otherwise. It's a joke.
  • @lumo_energy Did you know calling someone 4 times in a row is considered Harassment! I'm sure @acmadotgov will agree!!!
  • Hi Lumo! I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for shutting off my Gas today! Also, thank you for using an estimated gas usage amount, because the last time you had someone ACTUALLY read it, they left the gate open and a dog ran away (thank you for that too), so now they just skip our ...
  • You lot must be short on money. You've been stealing money from me for over a year on an over inflated bill I've been paying off now you want me to pay more each week. I don't think so. Who ever my wife and I spoke to on the phone (each time) was incredibly rude (Your credit department in ...