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  • Absolutely disgraceful service, lack of communication poor customer service
  • Your customer service is appalling.....that is all
  • What a joke Lemo i have rang up three times about a bill and three weeks later No bill iI Ring again and no one understand s English there then they tell me that my name is wrong it only gets better so i told him i have had that name for 45 years so take that up with my mum what kind of circus ...
  • Dear Lumo, your customer service sucks, with you for 4 months and you have yet to no completely mess up the billing. No its not acceptable to wait another 2 business days while someone reviews our account. Pull your finger out!
  • @lumo_energy unacceptable how you value more an account holder you can't contact then a paying customer who is trying 2 settle a bill 4 him
  • @lumo_energy absolutely disgusted by your customer service and privacy policy!
  • WARNING do not sign up with Limo Energy! I'm absolutely disgusted by their customer service and how they have absolutely no value for their paying customers!! I've wasted one entire day of my life trying to organize a payment for my husband's account... Even if he's the holder I've been paying ...
  • WARNING too the Australian public DO NOT!! USE THIS ELECTRICITY COMPANY i found out the hard way
  • @lumo_energy please stop automatically calling me & placing me into a queue until the next available person can answer. I already cancelled.
  • You guys just sent a letter to our residence saying "nooooo please don't go, you can sign back up and we can pretend this never happened" Why don't you just drop your extremely high electricity prices. We are with energy Australia now so we can afford to watch TV and go to the toilet with ...
  • Lumo - I am so dissapointed with the way your business communicates with customers. I have tried numerous times (over an hour on the phone) to obtain answers on how the winning prize will be applied to my account to be told someone from Lumo will ring me. I am still waiting.... It's cant be so ...
  • I'm on hold. Right now. It's been 21 minutes and I haven't spoken to any one. Ridiculous.
  • I advise people to avoid using Lumo Energy, they aren't cheap, discounts are hard to come by, their customer service is absolutely appalling and you are pretty much guaranteed to be paying ridiculously priced bills!
  • Is anybody out there? ... Your online billing department is having a nervous breakdown 6 emails for the same bill in the last 4 hours.... <a class="tweet-url hashtag" href="https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23spamsucks" title="#spamsucks">#spamsucks</a> <a class="tweet-url hashtag" ...
  • An absolutely disgusting service, Lumo Energy can essentially charge whatever rates they please. Our electricity/gas bills essentially continued to climb quarter over quarter and upon cancelling their service they charged us a $140.96 "de-energization fee", even though they claimed that there's ...
  • *** Customer Service Fail *** Call up to have my energy supply moved on February 10. I'm told that you don't supply energy in my new area. Subsequently request that you cancel the current connection. You advise me that I should leave it connected to save on a cancellation fee because the new ...
  • Lumo, I am having an appalling customer service experience with you. My gas meter is making a terrible noise when the gas is running and it is keeping my 4 year old son awake (the gas meter is outside his bedroom window). I have had a case raised with you for 6 weeks now and I am still waiting ...
  • @lumo_energy you're customer service told me it wasn't there problem and I had to get in touch with Ausgrid myself. Disgusted.