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  • My partner and I moved to Melbourne not too long ago. We were with Origin Energy at our previous house. When we moved we contacted Origin and told them our new address and that we would like to continue using them as our energy provider. Not too long after we moved in we recieved a bill from ...
  • Lumo, please stop sending (and storing) plain text passwords. There's no excuse for such poor security.
  • Well you weren't able to locate my meter box which is situated at the front door.... couldn't even give me a straight answer as to why you couldn't access it... nothing was blocking it, nothing was stopping anyone accessing it. Not happy.
  • These crooked cunts are charging me 9 months at my apartment when the lease was only for 6 months ! (I have all the lease agreements stating from when I was living there and departed from there- which was late feb this year) Today after 3 hours and 3 separate phone calls, I was told from one ...
  • @lumo_energy only took 5 calls to customer service to find someone helpful rather than rude and aggressive
  • @lumo_energy waited most of the day for someone to come as promised.. no one showed up
  • I've been with Lumo for nearly five years and a very satisfied customer.
  • @lumo_energy how can a bill jump from 200 to 600. I live alone, shower at work and am hardly home.
  • @lumo_energy 2 bills within 2 months under $200,4 weeks later another bill for $600. How does that work. $1000 worth of bills in 3 months
  • @lumo_energy rang to enquire about this yesterday and was left on hold and forgotten about. Worst experience ever.
  • Hey Lumo how come my electricity bill this month is higher then the average household in my area with 4 occupants when I am only 1 person on a Centrelink pension who has 90% gas appliances and is very careful with my electricity consumption. This does not compute !! Customer 2199415 :-(
  • Very unhappy with service. My husband tried to change companies and was told over the phone that Lumo could match the quote we had gotten. The rep was going to send a quote via email "within 48 hours" and 2 weeks later, after 2 phone calls, nothing. Today my husband called again, getting the ...
  • Lumo you need to get your act together, sending customers a gas bill, in August when meter was read 30th June is a bit hot, especially when the next reading is end of August. Put simply instead of getting 1 2monthly bill going to be slugged 2 bills in 2 mths. Left lumo for my electricity for ...
  • thankyou for "looking in to the issue" you didn't really do much except say provide this and provide that by private msg, and then ask us to contact you again :( service nil disgust and disappointment 100. Not to worry I have paid THE BILL- so won't need to deal with you again. But a letter to ...
  • Lumo energy would have to be the most UNPROFESSIONAL gas and electric company I have ever had the displeasure of being involved with. My niece and I have been trying to terminate my mums accounts with Lumo and have been spoken badly to, hung up on (because it was after 8pm) and particulars of ...
  • Husband call you RE our account, was on hold for 10mins. Then was told that we do not need to pay our final bill 'it has been cancelled'. Put on hold again to be told that we owe money to the account and that gas is being used now!? We moved to our new house over two weeks ago, there is new ...
  • Still on hold to tax to the business team...28 minutes. Wow
  • not happy lumo. set up a payment plan to pay my bill and the next day receive a call from the debt collectors but noone at lumo has a record of it being referred. I am this close to not paying the bill at all we have had nothing but trouble for months from this company
  • Why do keep increasing costs to consumers, terrible costs !!
  • your customer service leaves a lot to consider,and the attitude of your service staff really needs some educating. Please listen to your "customers" rather than talking down at them, and acknowledge when YOU are in the WRONG. Never coming back