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  • To my dear energy provider, I signed up with your company 6 months trusting wholeheartedly in your glorious promises of unmatched customer service and prices. Approximately 1.5 months into my recent tenancy, after receiving some exuberant bills, it came to light that I was in fact being ...
  • So glad I switched from AGL 12 months ago for EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE. Now I see they are FRACKING in Gloucester, a beautiful town that welcomed me for 12 months. Please AGL get out of Gloucester.
  • Hi there AGL, I'm currently on hold waiting for someone to take my call. So I thought I would share the love and send you a nice message. You are outright thieves or just incredibly inept. I organised for my final meter reading to be taken as we were vacating the property. I wasted half a ...
  • I seriously dislike this company Honestly expect me to pay soooo much I can't afford to pay soooo much Especially on the pay I get
  • my account number is 57776254 haveing no power for 30 hours and because of no power we have no phone this is the only way we can get in touch with you i would like to know what componsation are we likely to see for our 3 freezers defrosting
  • @aglenergy block. You flat out lied and put my family in danger you mugs. Im going to do everything in my power to rheem you bastards
  • @aglenergy your ppl told my girlfriend we had no leaks. I just did my own test, metre running 16x faster than the other 9 townhousre in my
  • would be a good idea to fix your web page so you can be contacted, says to log in to send an email, was logged in and still couldn't get any where and to simplfy your page as well, every thing is buried behind 2 or 3 sub menus
  • Seriously. I'm posting here because I'm getting NO WHERE having actual phone conversations with your staff. We moved here in early January. We payed EVERY bill we received, in full, on time and at one point we were actually in credit. Now, we called THREE times to change the name on the ...
  • Absolutely disgusted with this company & when I move house I will be leaving. I only joined last year and have been mucked around ever since; after not being sent my bill & receiving phone messages saying I was at risk of losing my service. I was resent the wrong bill (gas instead of ...
  • @aglenergy how is one supposed to contact a human being if your automatic phone system is clearly fucked?
  • Your website needs help. I click the contact us link to complete a contact form, as a customer, and then directed back to the customer main page again. I hate being given the run around. How do I contact you online? Why offer something that doesn't work?
  • Website extremely poor re info on off peak times Needs attention
  • Have tried to find info on off peak times to save energy on the website but no success. Think AGL need to make finding this type of info much easier to find. Not a good website definitely needs a lot of work.
  • I am so upset at the moment I rang up and set up a payment plan via direct debit on Wednesday. Thursday afternoon I check my bank account and it is now overdrawn because your company took out over 700 that was in there. The payments were not supposed to start until the 3rd December. I rang up ...
  • Hi Team, i recently logged an issue with AGL about some unusual power spikes at my property. I then received about 6 electricity bills dating back about 18 months all with a direct debit date the same in a couple of weeks. I called AGL to see what the bills were about and was informed that due ...
  • AGL enlighten me as to why I should not transfer my gas account to another company! A request for a meter upgrade was submitted in August. A month turnaround as I was advised. Weekly contact with you ( operator then supervisor then specialist) with no avail as to an ETA. You advised me you are ...
  • Hi there, I had a joint gas & electricity account with you over roughly the last 12 months and admittedly I don't think I've had a single problem with the electricity side of things. However, gas has been a constant issue. I am up to my second adjustment on bills dating back to March (meaning I ...
  • @aglenergy not another issue. Same issue. What's one more call to the customer support line. I'm sure it won't be resolved ;)