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  • Fancy coming out and giving us dodgy readings. Estimates..... what a load of bs.twice the amount of the last bill even having solar panels.wont be using yous again. And telling everybody not to.
  • To the amazing lady I spoke with today (sorry I've forgotten your name) you are truly amazing! Thank you for sorting out my issue and thank you for the quick response!! We have been reconnected and it was most definitely within the 24 hours as promised. In fact it was resolved within 2 hours. ...
  • How long does it take you to respond to a email
  • You lot are about as useful as using petrol to extinguish a fire
  • I have sacked you as my energy provider today and moved to Powershop. Like many others, I am disgusted by your involvement in CSG near Camden and at Gloucester. Please return your PEL 2 licence to destroy our Sydney/Wollongong water catchment. Why are you opposing a decent renewable energy target?
  • @aglenergy Lauren, I did as you requested hours ago and I still have heard nothing from Customer service. Please advise me what is happening
  • @aglenergy Thanks Lauren, but all that does is direct me to a page and phone number, Ive already done that. Nobody at at AGL willing to help
  • @aglenergy Disgusted in the treatment from AGL, letter comes stating bill overdue, paid it, discovered not owing, denied refund for 72hrs!
  • Disgraceful treatment by AGL, so very upset..... I was sent a letter stating my bill was overdue and payment was required. Thinking I had missed paying on time, I payed the bill as demanded. Only to find, the letter was an error and in actual fact no money was owing at all. So I ring today to ...
  • Hi, we received our bill today and I'm not happy at all. We have been using our electricity exactly the same except I turned off the old fridge about 2 months ago. Apparently we are using the electricity for approx. 8 people but there are 3 of us (I turn the power points off, turn lights off in ...
  • Hi I need someone to contact me asap in regards to my bill. I am on a payment plan. Then you send me a bill smoothing plan - which I don't need since I am already paying! You keep sending me disconnection notices. Such a headache. I am paying the bills. I pay every fortnight and have been for ...
  • @aglenergy pathetic, I've been overcharged but you guys won't give me a refund. Ombudsman here I come #aglispathetic
  • Hello, this is Hyo Sun Chang again. I asked you to fix that i haven't received any invoice regarding to AGL closing invoice. I have been tried to reach you so many times to pay my bill. I would like to get some response. AGL-FF-2015021058261 My account number is 86171709
  • @aglenergy Thats a great start, now if you could multiply that by 10 and then by 10 again we might be getting somewhere useful
  • AGL - YOU are the WORST company that I have ever had the displeasure of working with - your are deceitful, rude and basically liars and I cannot wait to take my business elsewhere.
  • @aglenergy no thanks, just be aware that ppl won't get your bills for 7 days after they're posted, 12 after printing
  • So seriously, we're trying to connect our gas with you guys and the only way to do that is to send someone to read the meter. The meter is inside the apartment and the best estimation you can give us 7am-7pm. Absolutely ridiculous!!!
  • I have been a customer with you for almost 2 years. I moved address on the 20th of March and I had arranged for my electricity to be switched off at my old house and then switched on the same day at my new house. My friends and family were moving in that night of the 20th and to our surprise the ...
  • Come on guys, I paid my bill and then you still cut my gas off? Only noticed when I went to make the kids dinner and couldnt turn the stove on. Cold showers and cereal do not make happy campers.
  • @aglenergy I'm a customer of yours today, but tomorrow I'm leaving because of your dirty CSG. Thanks #Frackman