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  • @aglenergy I hope you can do something, but I've been given the roundabout from Resolutions twice so I'm not optimistic.
  • Good afternoon, I was very disappointed after my phone call to your call centre today, where they advised me that our electricity cannot be connect until Tuesday the 27th. We are moving to our new home Saturday! If it was just my partner and I, I wouldn't care. However we have baby twins that ...
  • How wonderful, have had to sell my house and give 50% of Settlement to my ex partner only to find out AGL is going to charge me $47.50 on top of the final bill to have to meter read. I am on a pension and they do not make and allowances Another money spinner for large corporations well done AGL
  • I would like to know how you claim a family of 3 in a 2 bedroom house can use $2600 worth of GAS in 12 months? That's right! After paying every week an amount of $30, that comes to a total of $1,560. Yet, now I cancelled autopay, you send a letter of demand for $1,000? I would like to know how ...
  • 2 quarterly bills in a row I'm owed an automated solar refund - both times 6 weeks + hours of chasing AGL and still no real answers or money, a complaint to EWON, a bunch of polite, apologetic but ultimately useless customer service peeps, and still you don't seem to be able to sort it out. ...
  • @aglenergy so you can't even do your job properly Send someone to cut my service off even though the account is paid Thanks you're finished.
  • The ineptitude in your business astonishes me! Ongoing issues with incorrect solar feed in tariff since 4.11.14. I can make a phone call to the distributer Essential Energy and be told that you are getting credited .60c per k/h for my account and yet you pass on a credit of .20c per k/h to ...
  • really getting annoyed. after complaining back in December about issue with my direct debit on my gas account, you contacted me and assured me you had reactivated my direct debit. i then realise at the start of the month that said direct debit didn't go through my account. i log in online. ...
  • Can someone from AGL please contact me to sort out my bill. I have been trying to sort it out, but can get nowhere on the phone. Have rung twice and get a foreign language. Not happy Jan
  • Called to discuss my bill, put through to retention. Wow, after the horrid service provided to me (being cut off, ignored, person completely uninterested). Pathetic. Shame on you! Time to shop around. Maybe teach the retention people on how to be polite, and maybe retain business? <a ...
  • AGL Electricity - I must commend you for the worst customer experience I have ever experienced. For over six months now, I have been trying to get my bills rectified. Firstly, you mixed up my meter with my neighbour. Not only did we get each other's bills but now they are totally incorrect. ...
  • So after speaking with your onshore call centre (Keith from the resolution department to be specific), I've come to find that not only has AGL miscommunicated the current situation, but I've also discovered that they've failed to communicate with me at all at times in the past and also taken ...
  • @aglenergy a more disreputable, poorly managed with poorly trained staff energy supplier I am yet to find. Looking for options to change
  • price gouging on gas prices, wholesale gas has drop 63% when will savings be pass onto your customers AGL Energy or are you price gouging
  • AGL! Terrible customer service and an I don't care attitude. I was a paying customer and had nothing but problems.
  • It shouldn't be this difficult! When you agree to a plan and go you through all the rates over the phone, the contract you send should reflect this! Let's hope you finally get this right when a resolutions consultant calls me back tomorrow as it had been an exhausting experience...
  • hi AGL ! I have call you and messages about login in my account but you don't allowed login ,when I write password you only say "it password not correct"that not true I put password what you send to me in email.if you don't give to me login in my account I will going to other a company.nada jovic
  • @aglenergy I've called 3 times today. Still no power. Calling other providers now.
  • @aglenergy why tell customers your electricity will be connected between 7-10 am and don't deliver? #stillwaiting
  • @aglenergy Just got the worst service from your phone service. Rude and then cut me off after I complained about my billing.