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  • @aglenergy I'm appalled. Just moved in, organised power two weeks ago...10 hours in & three crying kids later no power. Criminal
  • @aglenergy your link to Jemena for Victoria outages page is misspelled/doesn't work
  • @aglenergy thanks Liam; also why am I getting SMS spam about carbon tax with no opt out ?
  • Thanks AGL for the good news about the repeal of the carbon tax but what about the recent 14% increase in the price of natural gas you pirates?
  • @aglenergy How do I cancel my contract because you misled me as stated by ACCC
  • Thanks for notification you will be increasing my rates but will rebate the difference, once the carbon tax is removed. So, this means I will not be saving anything, as the increase will negate the decrease once the carbon tax is deleted. So, AGL can't lose, only the consumers! If I can find ...
  • @aglenergy well, I don't appreciate being 'talked at' when I call. Spending nearly 30 mins on hold then to be talked all over.
  • Thank you for a great outcome solving my account problem. Excellent service.
  • @aglenergy 10% is still 10% .. and what about the exorbitant rises over the past 3 years? Are they refundable too?
  • Thanks agl for taking money out of my account constantly without permission. I'm still waiting for a refund and a case manager to call me.
  • Not happy about continual AGL marketing harrassment. Even thought I am on the DO NOT CALL REGISTER and specifically asked AGL for no marketing contact. still getting annoying calls. Will now investigate other providers as AGL is too expensive anyway :(
  • I wanted to email AGL to express my upset at receiving what I view as propaganda SMS telling me of 'savings' due to the removal of the carbon tax. I was happy paying it and in sending this sms you are implying AGL is givibg a discoubt/savijgs. Finally as you do not have a email address or ...
  • Why can't I view my bill online? Everytime I click the link from the email I get the error 007. Once I log in, there is NO WAY for me to see the breakdown. ? What's going on?????
  • I've been hit with $47 worth of dishonour fees thanks to AGL deducting an amount from my bank account after I'd phoned to get an extension. Consequently I've dishonoured 3 other direct debits as the money I had in the account that was taken by AGL was intended for those bills. Not happy....and ...
  • @aglenergy I sent an email detailing my compliant over 1 week ago and have not had a response. Deplorable
  • Hi AGL, you haven't solve my problem that have been dragging me for six months. after changing a new metre reading, my gas bill has increased from less than $100 to $700+. The kitchen appliances are all electric and no leaking in toilet or whatsoever. I made a view complains to resolution ...
  • My electricity was supposed to be connected by midday at my new property. I am unable to give my infant son a warm bottle. I am unable to get you via phone. I need to know what the issue is ASAP
  • Hi AGL. You know how you crapped on about our electricity bills going down once the carbon tax was scrapped? Ours has gone UP by 22 percent post the carbon tax repeal. So... do you mind not treating your customers like simpletons? I find your entire stance on the carbon tax, and renewable ...