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  • @aglenergy I just received my first bill from you. My electricity usage $6.57 but supply charge of $62? R u fucking kidding me? Every bill?
  • Hi, pls pm me an email address to lodge a Formal Complaint. My parents have been trying to get an issue resolved for months now. We do not wish to deal with your organisation via phone anymore and not willing to waste our time and energy contacting you via snail mail. The most convenient option ...
  • I am very disappointed that the "total usage" has been deleted from the AGL Electricity invoices. Why has this been done?
  • @aglenergy I've now received four bills (Same name and account number.) Which is right? Do I have to waste another hour on this? (2/2)
  • @aglenergy so after massively over-billing me and threatening to disconnect me despite the account being held due to an obvious error (1/2)
  • Have waited at home ALL DAY for my gas to be connected in a brand new apartment. No show, no phone call, no apology! Now a text message to say that my appointment has been confirmed for FRIDAY!!!!! Rang your customer line to find out why the no show today, but was told that 'they had the wrong ...
  • Dear AGL customers, please never switch to their MONTHLY bill option. You will end up paying 300% more than your quarterly bill. $500 - $600 was my quarterly bill, after switching to their MONTHLY Bill option, I will end up paying >$1000. And their customer service will make you believe that ...
  • @aglenergy I received some offers from other companies but never accepted it becoz i was happy with agl until they send me bill after 4mnths
  • @aglenergy Firstly it is one of costly electricity provider and it also come with charges which they never mention when you change accounts.
  • @aglenergy Hi Liam, No longer with AGL but I didn't appreciate debt collectors ringing me, when I didn't owe any money. Prob with credits.
  • @aglenergy where's my money that you took from my account without my approval?????
  • as your customer advocacy employee A109374 (Glen) has hung up on me. can someone please advise when my $2069.86 is going to be back in my account after you took it without my approval?????????????
  • Hey AGL - I've been asking for invoices and receipts for payments and after two months you still haven't complied. You won't engage in emails - only by phone - so I'm assuming this is a shonky way of maintaining deniability. You also told me I was paid up to date after moving out then you send ...
  • @aglenergy hi. Still waiting for a response re my tweet on Friday. You sent me a link to a form I filled in. Meant to have response in 1/2
  • @aglenergy my gas bill is in 2 people's names. I've paid half of it now please stop harrassing me, take my ...
  • Nice to know when you move house and want to transfer your agl electricity to your new address they charge you a disconnection fee! even though they were due to read the meter that same day never got told when I signed up <a class="tweet-url hashtag" ...
  • Hi AGL, on 13 August we requested a new gas connection (install of a gas meter), told it could take up to 40 business days. The 40 business days came and went on 9 October. Despite a number of calls, there has been no indication of when the meter will be installed and in the mean time we have ...
  • Have you guys worked out your billing yet? You don't send me a bill just an overdue notice with an extra charge for late payment. When i ring and tell you i never got the bill you admit it was never sent as there is an error in your system and promise to fix it. I wonder how many people you ...
  • Hi There , is there a reason why I keep calling your 131245 when I really just want to speak to consultant to hand my accounts over to my fathers name that I only get the options to pay bill, if its a fault but i can never speak to anyone .. so frustrating been trying to do this for months and i ...