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  • @aglenergy @jay96 remember AGL isn't Australian owned but proudly Australian its just a play on words that we use to keep customers!
  • @aglenergy horrible service horrible customer experience !! No one on your end understands what has happened to my account with you
  • I am very upset ATM I have been in my house for over 2 years and have been receiving bills for my gas and as it was my first time living out of home I thought my electricity bill was on the same bill. 2 years after living in my house I had a guy came to disconnect my power. When I contacted agl ...
  • @aglenergy Well stop it! Send an email or an sms; automated calls are revolting. No I'll have to call because you can't help me on social.
  • @aglenergy Goodbye as a customer for many years I have had enough of your incompetence and lack of service.
  • So AGL it is Thursday and I was guaranteed I would have my money by close of business Wednesday (yesterday). I have contacted my bank and it isn't there, and they cant even see this sitting there to be allocated. I have been more than understanding in this matter. I want the transaction number ...
  • how can your power bill be $200 a month and powershop charge me $50? maybe you should look after your exisiting customers.
  • After going through 3 representatives who all insisted or account was in arrears, we finally get through to someone who says that we are the victim of <a class="tweet-url hashtag" href="!/search?q=%23fraud" title="#fraud">#fraud</a>. We are then told that to commit fraud all ...
  • I have had four automated telephone calls today while I was at work from AGL regarding the payment of a gas bill, which has been paid on time and in full. It is harassment and AGL needs to stop using this automated means of contacting it's customers.
  • To date, after lodging a complaint / investigation request over 2 months ago you are yet to contact me with the outcome, however you are more than happy to demand payment! Shame on you!
  • @aglenergy hi ive been all day for my electricity to be turned on but its 4pm and its still not on. why is this?
  • I have just had my plan changed from 14% to 7% and I have been excluded from any further discounts because I have a small solar system Based on a my original $696 bill in March this would mean that I would lose nearly $48 dollars because I get a solar buy-back which amounted to $29.76. So ...
  • Once again, I've received a final notice for my gas bill which was paid via BPay in September. Having had the same issue with my electricity bill 3 times in a row, I requested confirmation from your online team when they confirmed payment had been received (without an apology) and requested ...
  • @aglenergy As usual, the website is slow and unresponsive when I wanted to pay some of my bill, can't you get a better more reliable server?
  • I have been waiting for nearly three whole months for AGL to sort out my account. They have been consistently overestimating my bills even though they have the correct readings. Website does not work properly. Annoying popups that cannot be removed. Five separate claims that the issue would be ...
  • Hi could you please get someone to fix your website server. I have not been able to access any pages on your website or my account to pay the bill. Please consider attaching the bills to the email as a PDF as you did in the past so that your website is not required to access the bill.
  • @aglenergy I just received my first bill from you. My electricity usage $6.57 but supply charge of $62? R u fucking kidding me? Every bill?
  • Hi, pls pm me an email address to lodge a Formal Complaint. My parents have been trying to get an issue resolved for months now. We do not wish to deal with your organisation via phone anymore and not willing to waste our time and energy contacting you via snail mail. The most convenient option ...