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  • Either our account issues be fixed now or we are taking things further! It's been 3 months of this and we are sick of the back and forth with you people!
  • Thanks for the burnt hairs on my hand, had to light gas hot water 8 times in the last 3 days. Was told problem is water in the line and it was to be fixed in 2 days. Now told 5 more days, wonder what else will be burnt having to continuously relight it. A dangerous situation.
  • what about all the people that has lost all there food because of the storm government dont care so is AGL going to help cover some of the costs??? 3 days no power . no phone . and stuck in flood area .....??? but we get nothing .
  • @aglenergy @fezbueller I just got a text saying my bill was overdue but I never received the bill in the mail ? @auspost has done me again
  • Hey AGL, thank you for the letter advising me that my electricity plan was expiring. It was super cool to read that the new plan you were putting me on came with a decreased discount to what I was currently receiving. What was even better was to find TWO other plans on your website that BOTH had ...
  • 6 weeks later after our initial contact to get our gas connected to you guy and still waiting... Nice job really... Excellent service you guys got going there!
  • I live in San Remo NSW 2262 do you guys have any idea when our power will be back on ...i cant wait all day for you to answer the phone ....cant you use this site to give people updates ???? please respond with some kind of idea thanks
  • Hi tried calling, spent 45 minutes on the phone to get nowhere! I'd like to know how I have a $1205 electricity bill when I've only lived here for 2 months! It is only myself and my 2 year old who live here and on my bill its saying I have used over 2,400 kilowatts and equivalent to 8 people! ...
  • @aglenergy shame on the customer service! I've been off electricity for 4 days trying to be a new customer of yours and no help to solve it!
  • Guys, we have a problem! I know Sydney has been affected with horrific weather. I also know that many homes are out of power, and we're not the only ones. But!! When you send confirmation of an appointment, you need to make sure the electrician will arrive. Our house power was shut down while ...
  • Just had a very unfortunate phone conversation with Graham in Adelaide (who tells me "he's the boss of AGL today) when I asked to speak with his supervisor. The reference number of the call is 126377684. We have been issued with a bill for $1100 and charged for using over 3000 combined kWh when ...
  • I'm not normally one to do this. But it has been a nightmare connecting with your company... First I tried connecting online before moving into my new home, after a week with no email to confirm I've rang to check. Nope no record of it, so try and connect it then even give both my electricity ...
  • Hey! thank you AGL! we are in blackout for 3rd day in Newcastle and managing OK due to help of gas stove top and gas heater. Can stay warm and make soup! Even making Italian espresso on flame, for whole neighbourhood. Cheers!
  • @aglenergy It was fixed quite swiftly, we are v appreciate. Sending support & good vibes to everyone else still affected! Thanks Lauren
  • @aglenergy . You have now issued Gas bill. I dont have a gas supply to that adress. Please delete against my account
  • Thanks for sending a letter to advise you have overcharged our gas bills as the reading was only an estimate rather than a true reading. As we choose not to "discover the benefits of monthly billing" and wish to remain on quarterly billing, I would have thought you would credit against the next ...
  • Thanks for sending me a bill today when the power has been out for 24 hours. Much appreciated
  • Hi AGL why can I not pay my account on your webpage without having to create an account. I do not want an account I just want to pay my bill you have reduced me to having to go to the post office for gods sake.
  • Dear AGL, Do not ever get your customer service people to cold call me and ask me for my personal information. It is rude, I am already a customer and it creates a bad customer experience. Origin Energy - I hope you are watching. Anthony Sochan
  • @aglenergy you clearly have no authority to help me. If I receive another call I will be reporting you to the ACCC for undue harrassment