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  • Wow thanks for only giving us 2 weeks notice on our latest bill! What ever happened to the 4 weeks notice?!
  • @aglenergy Is there a reason your website is so slow tonight? I can't access my billing & payment history. #frustrating
  • why is it taking so long to get onto your website? let alone log into my account - been trying since last week to get my last bill
  • @aglenergy What a cheek -5% rebate for the carbon tax while hammering us with a near 50% price increase over the last five years. #auspol
  • I just spoke with Kylie, who yelled and hung up on me! I am so disgusted with the service. I have written an email and no one will get back to me. Worst experience ever!
  • Hey, is there something wrong with your webpage today? I am trying to login and change my address and details as I am moving. The site is slow, constant error messages and really frustrating. Can you please fix it asap.
  • Absolutely disappointed yet again with continued bad service, no actual readings and lack of response to queries from AGL. Not only do you not return calls or sort out a query for over 2 months, but again you send a bill with inaccurate readings and late fees you promised would not be charged ...
  • So I have a power outage since 1015am this morning being told my power won't be back on until 745pm? I sure hope I don't get charged this on my bill, and what happens to my food in the Fridge and freezer? Which is going off as I type this now.
  • @aglenergy yes many acknowledge the AGL Green Choice plans. Just making light of large business with overt bias toward government policy.
  • We have a gas outage in 3068 and your customer service is a joke! I've been hung up on three times by your staff this evening and twice been fobbed off to Envestra. Envestra told me it's up to AGL to sort this out. We're moving to another gas provider on Monday.
  • After over a year of incorrect meter readings and exorbitant estimated bills. A smart meter was installed on my premises (months after initial scheduled date). I AM GETTING EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUS BILLS AND THREATENING RECORDED CALLS. We have tried many times to sort out, and no matter what your ...
  • Can you please stop your automated phone calls were not paying you a red cent after the way you have delt with us and broken agreement we have been without power for 35 days and can't switch to another company until we pay you your company has blocked the line so no other company can hook us ...
  • WADING through the litany of complaints and protests on this here Facebook page in recent days – after an harrowing experience of my own – one thing is clear. AGL wants, not your business, but your money – and it’s not shy or considerate about how it gets it. This page makes for startling ...
  • Dear AGL, I am not one of your customers, yet unfortunately I am compelled to contact you with a complaint. Since moving into our new rental property four months ago, we have received a barrage of gas bills addressed to "Dear customer" which are growing increasingly menacing each time we ignore ...
  • So when people ask too hard a question or put up information you in regards to your current shortfalls you block them ... Hmmm great community relations AGL ... Or perhaps Not!
  • AGL is a huge rip off, how the hell can someone owe you $1200 on a bill from May.... It's not the first time you have tried this..... So now I have no gas and you also want ME to pay $10 for a final reading.
  • You are the rudest and most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. You seriously need to review your customer service as it is disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • @aglenergy that will be great thanks. Apparently this document will help me understand the ridiculous increment in my last bill.
  • @aglenergy just the attitude in general of the staff. I was told I was getting a document by email so and I haven't received it yet.