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  • Hi AGL, was very disappointed with the service I experienced today. We are moving house and I called today to simply relocate my gas and electricity service. To my surprise, I was told that the current plan that I'm on is no longer available and the new plans that I would have to move to are no ...
  • Hi AGL how about when you ring me regarding my bill and you give the option to press 4 for more options you make it actually work. I am ready by my mobile for a human to call if you so desire. Robert Pyne
  • @aglenergy I can't DM you unless you follow me. Not impressed with AGL's service. Four phone calls. Two emails. Two months. Over $844.
  • @aglenergy Hi AGL what is the multiplier on a hot water meter (building supplied) and why is mine 1000 and all my neighbours 10? #hugebill
  • So I was due to make a payment tomorrow, so you disconnected me today? Should I even bother wasting my time having you as my supplier? Suppose it doesn't matter who I go through, your all rogues anyway.
  • @aglenergy Frustrated with your lack of customer service. Waiting almost 2 months for reimbursement of over payment. Appalling.
  • @aglenergy yes we are and AGL refuses to tell people how much they will drop for the carbon prices.
  • why do i keep receiving the previous tenants over due accounts after I was reassured (by an AGL customer service operator) I would not receive any further reminders? Suggest there's a problem with AGL's customer service system.
  • Please stop calling me! have swapped to another energy provider and you have been calling me everyday for 2 weeks now about 4 - 5 times a day!! This is harrassment, If I wanted to stay with you I would. I will be ringing you Monday to put an end to it.
  • Please help AGL. I have moved from my property, hence needed to change services, terminate my AGL gas contract at the old property and get a final reading. My third-party connections provider organised all this and I received a text saying that my final gas meter read would be on Friday 20 June ...
  • just got my bill emailed however cant open the link to my bill????? plus i try to login and have forgotten password yet you cant email me my password.....seriously
  • I don't know how anyone manages to get their gas and electricity bills on time or sent to the right place if it is left up to AGL Retail Operations...
  • Can someone look into the new email notification for the new look AGL gas bill that NO LONGER actually attaches the bill as a PDF with a broken url link to the actual bill (<a ...
  • I see AGL Guarantee next day connection or a $50 credit. I contacted you guys over 2 weeks ago to arrange gas & electricity for today, received a text message yesterday reminding me of the 2 services scheduled to be connected today. At 5:15pm this afternoon I called up to enquire when this will ...
  • Yesterday my partner and I were told by your resolutions department that no one had to be home to turn the power on, we are now being told that the lady that told us that was wrong and nothing has been done to rectify the problem. We are now left with problem of not having power for three whole ...
  • From your own disputes resolution policy: Taking your concern to a higher level If you’re not happy at any stage with the way we are investigating your concern, you may have your complaint handled at a higher level by the relevant manager. You may request this at any time by calling or ...
  • useless new AGL bill click on view bill and a new page opens saying cant find what I'm looking for. Why do they have to change things all the time all I can see is how much I owe them, nothing about how thie bill was calculated eg back page .Peeved to say the least
  • Refusing to let me speak to a manager and hanging up on me.... five star customer service.... You must be so proud!
  • I read on here that AGL give written summaries of conversations to customers. Apparently that addresses the issue of having no email address. The agent I am speaking to right now says that it is at AGL's discretion whether they provide summaries of the calls and is refusing to provide me with ...
  • AGL are currently refusing to hear my complaint. Won't let me speak to a manager and have told me to take my issue to the ombudsmen. Yet they have charged me for the same usage 4 times. Bizarre, unacceptable behaviour.