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  • 24th minutes on hold after calling your number, it connected to someone then the line went dead...do you have any issues? Can I get someone to call me?
  • I have had an accident and my car has been sitting on the side of the road for days because your company cannot answer the phone. Please contact me with a direct line so that I can speak to someone and get it fixed. I pay for a service not to sit on the phone for 3 hours on hold.
  • just to think I pay $110 a month for insurance, and on hold for 20 minutes still counting, just an inquiry!
  • Ok.. So I’ve finally picked up my car today…after 11 weeks and a half – taking it to almost 3 MONTHS!! Absolute Joke!! Originally they offered me a loan car for 2 weeks – as I was told that was how long it would take for them to fix my car, obviously they had to extend it multiple times because ...
  • Just Car just got both my cars. Well done. Beat the piss out of the other quotes I got
  • I just want to say I had to call and clear something up and it was resolved in under one minute. I have never had such an easy experience with a company. 10/10 Customer Service.
  • Does your company always give false information to customers and go ahead with unauthorised repairs?
  • Appallingly customer service, liars and very unprofessional. Highly do NOT recommend.
  • I sent an email over 2 weeks ago to ask for a pro rata refund claim of my rego when my car was written off. I received an email the next day stating someone will contact me from the claims department and surprise surprise no contact in over 2 weeks now. I sent another follow up email on Monday ...
  • As an existing customer, I would really love to "Like" this page but I just wasted an hour of my day on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone, eventually giving up because I have better things to do with my Monday. Employ some people!
  • ATTENTION ALL CONSIDERING JUST CAR FOR YOUR INSURANCE Do not bother! Go somewhere else that will treat you better! The treatment I received from both your call centre staff and the company you sent my car and me too was horrible and ineffectual. I have now spent hours on the phone trying to ...
  • Just Car- you guys have handled my insurance claim DISGRACEFULLY. I have repeatedly and repeatedly called you, spoken to consultant after consultant and still 3 weeks later, thousands of dollars in hire car bills later (that i can't claim because liability is apparently my fault, although the ...
  • So its has been nearly 3 months since my cousin ( Just car's customer ) Lodged a claim, he only has third party fire and theft and was involved in a car accident where he was not at fault and other party is not insured, which made him eligible for uninsured coverage up to $ 3000 as inlcuded in ...
  • all i want to do is pay my policy online but i cant even do that you guys havent sent me a letter with the number required to do so over the phone either can i do this with just the policy number?
  • Stay away from this insurance company. Spare yourselves the frustration of being completely screwed over.
  • I've been a just car customers for years...... Never made a claim... And my first claim has been turned down with a bogus report full of inconsistencies. DO NOT INSURE WITH THIS LOT!
  • BAHAHAHAHAHA. last week I complained about the really annoying just car ad on this page and this week its gone. I win. Janek 1, Just Car 0. But in all seriousness, thank you for taking my feedback seriously and pulling the ad. It is appreciated.
  • Thank you for the double passes to Powercruise this weekend. We went out and experienced the atmosphere that is Powercruise. Watched some high horsepower cars cruising, a little drifting (some of rhat at the same time). First time and it waa great.????????????
  • So it’s been almost two weeks, since I’ve logged a claim… drunk driver hitting my parked car. Yes, I’ve got comprehensive. My car was taken to QPlus on Monday, received a call on Wednesday advising that it didn’t meet certain criteria’s for repairs, so it will be sent to Chipping Norton. Will ...
  • Good bye Just Car, you are dumped. Enough of your good for nothing greed. Every year you guys drop the market value dramatically, and raise the premium excessively. Got my renewal notice for just over $1400 this year, and you have dropped the market value of my Evo to $28,500. My renewal was ...