Customers Welcome End to Door-Knocking

By , 07 Mar 2013.

Customers have responded to EnergyAustralia’s decision to end door-to-door sales with a wave of positive feedback, resulting in a record day for the energy provider.

When EnergyAustralia announced that it would end the unpopular sales tactic on February 25, it received 15 positive comments. This was three times the number of positive comments it received on the next most positive day since we began tracking the company in August last year.

Of the four industries we track, Energy has the highest proportion of negative comments. Aggressive sales tactics are one of the main sources of complaint across the industry and, in the past, EnergyAustralia has received its share of complaints like this one:

EnergyAustralia deserves kudos for listening to its customers and acting on their feedback. Here are some of the comments it received in the wake of its decision to end the door-knocking :