Bad Day for NAB as Outage Leaves Customers Fuming

By , 10 Feb 2013.

A technical outage last Friday was responsible for one of National Australia Bank’s worst days for social media feedback, with 95% negative comments and just 5% positive.

The 125 negative comments to NAB represented the single worst day for any company since ServiceRage began tracking comments to 51 companies more than six months ago.

Prior to the outage on Friday, NAB’s long-term average feedback split was 71% negative and 29% positive, according to our tracking of customer feedback on Twitter. The disastrous result on Friday has reduced their average to 74% negative and 26% positive. A graph at the end of this post shows how Friday compared to the trend.

Consumers reported problems accessing Internet banking and completing EFTPOS payments for goods and services. Here are some examples of frustrated customers:

NAB acknowledged the problems in this tweet:

NAB is particularly sensitive to technical issue after suffering high profile outages in September and February last year.

Positive vs Neagative Comments as Totals Chart